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Custom Suits

Bespoke Suits by Bobby Macc Bespoke Couture. 

The Nation's Premier Bespoke Clothier.

Purveyor of Bespoke Suits & Custom Shoes.

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We offer our bespoke suits in select major cities across the nation, along with our  modern chic studios in Atlanta & Virginia Beach.

Exceptional Quality

Stand out in a bespoke suit made to your exact measurements.

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Experience Bespoke

All of our bespoke suit fittings are provided by a bespoke tailor.

We notice every bump & curve of your body to give you a perfect fit that is flattering to the eye.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss unlimited styling options.

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Our bespoke suits are delivered within  8 weeks for new clients and 6 weeks for returning clients.  

An initial wardrobe consultation along with 3 fittings are provided for all bespoke clients.

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bespoke SUITS - WHY?


There are 3 main reasons why you should invest in a bespoke suit.


FIT - Sizing is the most obvious reason. 

If you’re short, tall, wide or thin you may be able to purchase "Off The Rack"

however - regardless of brand those suits usually fit poorly because they

are made to fit everyone.  There is no need to compromise with a standard size fit.

We create our bespoke suits based on your exact measurements and posture variables.


 STYLE You are an individual who wants to customize your look. 

Getting a custom suit made gives you the option of adding personal

details such as;  fabrics, linings, surgeons cuffs,  protective heel guards

sweat shields, secret pockets, buttons, monograms and more. 


TIMEMore than likely you're a high performance individual who values time.

Once we have established your fit profile, all of your future

suits can be ordered by simply pointing to a fabric swatch.




Discover a level of hand-craftsmanship that is rarely found in custom clothing. 

We invite you to experience real quality.


We are intensely focused on delivering custom suits cut to show less excessive fabric

for a refined look.  Handcrafted by our Master Tailors for a flawless fit, our bespoke suits

are made with some of the world's most luxurious raw materials.


- By Appointment Only -






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