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For our bespoke suit, a baste fitting is provided within 3 to 4 weeks of your initial consultation. At this stage, the garment is unfinished and held together with basting stitches. This allows an open forum to discuss and modify any fit adjustments that may not otherwise be possible on a finished garment.


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The key point with our forward fitting is the garment is complete, with all the canvassing and internal structure in place, buttons on, pockets finished and lining. Only minor adjustments can be made to ensure the integrity of the internal structure of the bespoke garment:  within reason - adjustments such as the;  trouser length, waist,  suit jacket waist and sleeve length can be accomplished.


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The result of your bespoke creation is a flawless marriage of our prized craftsmanship and creative collaboration with you.

Our bespoke garments are completed within 8 weeks for new clients.