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Discover Our Bespoke Suits Made With A Floating Canvas. 

We Invite You To Experience Real Quality.




Floating Canvas

  • All of our custom suits are crafted using a high quality canvas interlining that is stitched to the outer shell of the suiting fabric to maintain the suit's structural form.  This allows the suit fabric to drape naturally, allowing for a refined look.

Shoulder Construction

  • The shoulders of our suit jackets are built with custom sleeve heads, using multiple layers of canvas and felt- cut to precision, this creates a refined shape and allows the sleeve to fall cleanly from the shoulder.

Surgeon's Cuffs

  • We provide working button holes (surgeon's cuffs) on all of our suit jackets.


  • Our suit jacket lapels are meticulously shaped to ensure a proper roll and placement on the chest. 

Natural Jacket Cut

  • Our standard cut provides a natural looking silhouette, however, based on request we can provide a more or less aggressive cut.

High Arm Holes

  • A higher arm hole position provides the look of a longer and more slim torso, and is a major trend in current jacket styles.

Sweat Shields

  • Sweat damages wool, that’s why we add a sweat shield under the arm of every suit to protect your suit against perspiration.

Reinforced Stitching on Pockets

  • Pockets are meant to be used, so we provide reinforced stitching on all pockets to reduce the possibility of wear.

Collar & Collar Felt

  • Both the top and bottom of the collars are custom sized to ensure a perfect fit around the neck and feature a high quality felt underlay.

Bemberg Linings

  • Each of our jackets comes with the finest bemberg lining selected for its amazingly soft feel, brilliant color, breathable and durability.

Rubberized Waistband

  • The inside waistband of all of our pants has a rubberized lining to ensure your shirt remains tucked and in place.

Lined Trousers

  • Our trousers come standard with half lining for both comfort and to provide longevity of your pants by protecting the fabric from your natural body oils.

Heel Guards

  • For longevity purposes our trousers come standard with protective heel guards to avert your pants from becoming frayed at the bottom from the heel of the shoe rubbing against the back of the pant leg.