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Proper Fit

Not all Tailors Are Cut From The Same Cloth.

- A Combined 120 Years Of Bespoke Tailoring Experience -

Measurement Profile

During your first meeting, a Fit Profile of your body measurements,

 posture stance and photos are saved.  Once your measurement profile

has been established, it is used by our Master Tailor to create your

unique pattern for the purpose of making your custom suit. 


BASTE / Muslin FITTING Stage

A baste or muslin fitting is provided within 2 to 3 weeks of the initial consultation using a

custom made "trial test suit or  skeleton baste suit, which you will try-on for fitting purposes.  

This in turn allows you to give us feedback to begin properly making any fit adjustments that

may not otherwise be possible on a finished suit.



     The final stage of our suit making process is the 'forward fitting', although (particularly with your first suit

with a true bespoke tailor) you could actually need more than one fitting appointment to get everything

perfect, and any decent bespoke tailor should accommodate - indeed we will , rather than deliver

a suit that's not right.  The key point with our forward fitting is the suit is complete, with all the

canvassing and internal structure in place, buttons on, pockets done and lining. 


This means you can see everything together properly but you are more limited in the

types of changes you can make to the garment.   At this stage, only minor adjustments can be made

to ensure the integrity of the internal structure of the bespoke garment:  within reason - adjustments

such as the;  trouser length, waist,  suit jacket waist and sleeve length can be accomplished.